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Asbestos Litigation InvestigationAsbestos Lawsuit Investigation

Client: The law firm defending a Fortune 500 manufacturer that supplies components to the US Military

Case Type: Asbestos Litigation

Case Background: A Navy veteran claimed that he had developed mesothelioma from having handled asbestos gaskets (allegedly manufactured by the defendant) while working in two submarines he was assigned to in the 1960s.

Purpose of Investigation: The defendant did not believe that it had supplied gaskets for the two submarines during the time periods in which the plaintiff was assigned to them, and the SEAL Security Investigative Division was tasked with finding supporting evidence.

Eyewitness Statements: SEAL Security Investigative Division’s investigation identified several individuals who were on the two submarines at the same time as the plaintiff. One of them, who knew of the plaintiff, provided a statement that the defendant’s gaskets were not used in the torpedo rooms of these submarines.

Government records: Through the Freedom of Information Act, the SEAL Security Investigative Division queried several governmental agencies and was able to obtain a written statement from the Navy stating that gaskets produced by the defendant were not used on the submarines in question.

Result: A decisive victory for our client. The plaintiff, who originally sought millions of dollars, settled for a negligible sum.