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An Elusive Defendant is Located

Client: Major New York law firm

Case Type:  SEAL Security Investigative Division was tasked with finding and serving the defendant in a civil suit. The lawsuit had been stalled for over a year because the defendant could not be located.

The Challenge:  Prior to SEAL Security Investigative Division’s involvement, another private investigation firm failed to locate the defendant despite a lengthy search. Some evidence led the client to believe that the defendant was eluding them by regularly relocating up and down the East Coast.

SEAL Security Investigative Division’s Findings:  The investigative process involved the following steps:

  • Computer Searches:  A comprehensive database search yielded no leads: no current addresses, no property ownership, no known assets. SEAL Security Investigative Division did find the defendant on various social networking websites including MySpace and Facebook. However, the information on his web profiles was found to be outdated and/or purposely misleading.
  • Old-Fashioned Detective Work:  The breakthrough in the case came through traditional detective work, after a SEAL Security Investigative Division investigator obtained the defendant’s business email address. The investigator posed as a potential client and set up a business meeting with the defendant near his Florida home.


Result:  Success! The defendant was served upon his arrival to the bogus business meeting, and the lawsuit was able to proceed.