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employee product theftThe Foxes were Guarding the Hen House

Client: Skin Care Company with Offices Worldwide

Case Type: Product Theft

Case Background: The client is suffering a substantial loss of revenue as a result of large amounts of beauty products disappearing from the company’s warehouse. So far, they have been unable to ascertain who is stealing from them

Purpose of Investigation: SEAL Security Investigative Division was retained to identify those responsible, determine how widespread the theft is and develop a prosecutable case.

Case Development: SEAL Security Investigative Division determined that the most cost-effective and efficient course of action for the client would be a round-the-clock surveillance focusing on the company parking lot where all employees eventually enter and exit.

The Findings: Over the course of a few short weeks, the hour-by-hour surveillance paid off as a total of four late-shift security guards were observed removing boxes and bags of merchandise at different times and stashing them in the trunks of their cars. The guards would watch each others backs as they were stealing the client blind.

Our surveillance found that the thieves had accumulated so much merchandise that they rented a storage unit when their homes became filled to capacity with stolen skin care products. And what were they doing with all this merchandise? Our investigation established that the team of thieves were shipping their cache to Chile to sell for huge profits.

Result: SEAL Security Investigative Division not only documented a solid prosecutable case to present to law enforcement but, just as importantly, were instrumental in recovering several hundred thousand dollars in stolen merchandise for the client!