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Safe Terminations – Separating the High-Risk EmployeeSafe termination_small

One of the greatest risks that corporate management and human resource personnel encounter is the threat of workplace violence following an employee’s termination. Whether the threat involves physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at your organization, it can affect employees, clients, and visitors alike. As such, in realizing that the vast majority of all workplace-related acts of violence have occurred during or after the firing process, you and your organization should be fully prepared for whatever scenario may arise.

Recent litigation and court rules have made it clear that employers must provide a safe work environment for their employees. An improperly handled termination may put your company and employees at high risk and in situations that may possibly result in tragic and unfortunate losses.

SEAL Security senior managers who are trained and certified as workplace violence practitioners will work with your management and human resource division throughout the entire employee termination process. Our involvement begins before the actual termination is conducted by providing guidance and insight into how, where and when to conduct the termination. We will assist you to ensure that the necessary follow-up steps are taken once the terminated employee has left the workplace, allowing you and your organization to return your normal operating levels.

SEAL Security has provided high-risk termination services to companies of all sizes from major corporations with several thousand employees to smaller businesses.