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Incident and Crisis Management Training

We will assist your company with developing an Incident and Crisis Management plan.

Our methodology to assist you developing a comprehensive plan is as follows:

1. Identification of existing and potential risks
2. Identification of the persons and / or locations highest at risk
3. Evaluation of the risks
4. Formulation and documentation of findings
5. Reviewing of existing policies and procedures
6. Developing a plan that is tailored for your organization.

SEAL Security can also develop and implement an emergency action plan (EAP) for your facility. This will provide those individuals on your premises with a basic plan on what to do if there is a fire or incident that could jeopordize the safety of your employees or assests. This plan would also include a thorough evacution plan that wiould include muster locations, and the procedures to account for all employees.

These types of plans could provide the client with business continuity information that would assist with the recovery from a disaster, should the need arise.