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Your summary of worldwide data, news, research and government updates – brought to you by Silverseal UK – As of 22nd June 2020

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Situation Report

Peru, Mexico, Chile and Ecuador are among the Latin American countries which have seen widespread outbreaks, but there is particular concern about Brazil. The country now has the second-highest official death toll in the world and is recording an average of about 1,000 deaths per day.

Elsewhere, India and Pakistan have both seen the number of infections and deaths rise in recent weeks and the healthcare systems in both countries appear to be under strain. Authorities in the southern Indian city of Chennai are to reimpose a lockdown on Friday after a surge in cases.

In Iran there are fears of a second wave of infections. New cases averaged more than 3,000 a day in the first week of June – a 50% increase on the previous week.

China is also dealing with dozens of new cases believed to be connected a Beijing wholesale market, and has imposed lockdown measures on several neighbourhoods.

South Africa and Egypt have seen the largest outbreaks so far in Africa. But testing rates are reported to be extremely low in some parts of the continent so this could be distorting understanding of how far the virus has spread.

In Europe, the UK, Italy, Spain and France, along with others, now appear to have passed the peak, with the number of new confirmed cases and deaths falling.

The UK has reported more than 41,000 coronavirus deaths, the highest number in EuropeItaly has the second highest death toll with about 34,000, while both France and Spain are just below 30,000.

However, differences in population size and how countries report their figures, with some including deaths in care homes, or deaths of those suspected but not confirmed of having the virus, means international comparisons are complicated.

Having been on lockdown to control the spread of the virus, European countries are now beginning to ease restrictions. How and when restrictions are lifted varies from country to country, but the WHO has urged all nations to adopt a “slow, steady” approach.

The risk of a second wave of infections requiring European countries to re-impose full lockdowns is moderate to high, according to the EU agency that monitors infectious diseases.

where is the coronavirus rising and falling
where is the coronavirus rising and falliing


confirmed COVID deaths

Europe’s average count of coronavirus-related deaths overtook Asia in early March, with ItalySpain and the UK becoming the new global hotspots. From mid-April the focus shifted to the US where the number of deaths remained consistently high, and currently accounts for 17 per cent of global deaths.

Latin America and the Caribbean has recently seen its share increase to almost half of new deaths, fuelled by a surge in Covid-19 fatalities in Brazil.




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