Covid 19 Update - June 29


Your summary of worldwide data, news, research and government updates – brought to you by SEAL Security UK – As of 15th June 2020

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The virus, which causes the respiratory infection Covid-19, was first detected in the city of Wuhan, China, in late 2019. It then spread quickly across the globe in the first months of 2020, reaching 10 million confirmed cases towards the end of June. While some countries are now starting to see confirmed cases and deaths fall following strict lockdown restrictions, others are still seeing figures rise.

A sharp increase in cases in Latin America in the second half of May led the World Health Organization (WHO) to say the Americas were the new centre of the pandemic. But there have also been new spikes in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Brazil is only the second country in the world, after the US, to have confirmed more than one million cases. The death toll is now more than 57,000. The WHO says the pandemic has not yet reached its peak in Central and South America.

India and Pakistan have also seen a surge in infections and deaths. The healthcare systems in both countries are under strain.

Fears of a second wave have grown in Iran, where the number of daily deaths has risen again. Israel has also seen a surge in cases since easing restrictions at the end of May.

China has reinstated a strict lockdown near Beijing, affecting around 400,000 people, after a small surge in cases. The restrictions have come into force in Anxin county in Hebei province near the capital.

In China, the official death toll is some 4,600 from about 85,000 confirmed cases, although critics have questioned whether the country’s official numbers can be trusted.

The US has by far the largest number of cases – more than 2.5 million or about 25% of the global total – according to figures collated by Johns Hopkins University. It also has the world’s highest death toll, followed by Brazil and the UK.

South Africa and Egypt have seen the largest outbreaks so far in Africa. But testing rates are reported to be extremely low in some parts of the continent so this could be distorting understanding of how far the virus has spread.

In Europe, the UK, Italy, Spain and France, along with others, now appear to have passed the peak, with the number of new confirmed cases and deaths falling.

where is the coronavirus rising and falling
where is the coronavirus rising and falliing


confirmed COVID deaths

Europe’s average count of coronavirus-related deaths overtook Asia in early March, with Italy, Spain and the UK becoming the new global hotspots. From mid-April the focus shifted to the US where the number of deaths remained consistently high, and currently accounts for 12 per cent of global deaths.

Latin America has recently seen its share increase to more than half of new deaths, fuelled by a surge in Covid-19 fatalities in Brazil.




Johns Hopkins – COVID-19 World Map Dashboard