The SilverSEAL Leadership Academy

“Leadership is not a rank, position, or title; it is a relationship.”

About SilverSEAL’s Leadership Academy

At SEAL Security, we are committed to the support and development of our employees and leaders. Leadership principles are critical to the success of an organization and to providing the highest standard of service.

The SilverSEAL Leadership Academy is a 12-week course for supervisors, managers, and employees who are selected for a leadership role. The leadership training is conducted by experienced senior retired law enforcement and military officers, as well as a variety of guest speakers focused on mentoring new leaders.

Topics include leadership styles, emotional intelligence, public speaking workshops and best practices in team motivation. Our focus on leadership best practices permeates the organization and is modeled by senior executives of SEAL in how we interact with our teams.

A Message from Joe Fox, Leader of The SilverSEAL Leadership Academy

Greetings Everyone. I am proud to deliver SilverSEAL’s Leadership Training. I am so fortunate to be with a company that cares so much about their members to invest in their future. Below are some highlights of some of what we cover. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Course Overview

Leadership Development

  • Different Leadership Styles
  • Best Practices
  • Appropriate Practices for Various Circumstances
  • Leadership Observance
  • Team Building, Coaching, and Motivation Tactics
  • Trust Development
  • Leadership Culture
  • Mentoring Skills

Personal Growth

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • “Focusing on the Big Picture”
  • Emotional Detachment, Self-Awareness, and Keeping your Ego “In Check”
  • Public Speaking Skills and Pointers
  • Teaching and Learning Approaches
  • Professional and Personal Life Balance