SEAL partners with global businesses to protect their interests against COVID-19.

  • SEAL Security provides market leading fever-screening solutions, using thermal imaging to identify symptomatic individuals potentially suffering from COVID-19.

  • These solutions are available globally and can support a multitude of different organizations and industries.

  • A tailored solution ensures your organization, no matter the size or complexity, can reopen with confidence.

map highlighting areas affected by COVID19

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the landscape of our world. SilverSEAL recognizes the challenges businesses face and are here to offer leading edge technological solutions.

Many organizations have rolled out effective contingencies to minimize the exposure of COVID-19 to their workforce. Working from home and enforcing social distancing have had a positive impact on minimizing employee exposure. As many industries look to reopen, there is a collective understanding that more will have to be done and further measures introduced.

SEAL provides reassurance by installing the latest in thermal screening solutions. This technology identifies individuals with a fever that may be symptomatic of COVID-19. Detecting human temperatures to within an accuracy of 0.3ºC provides an early warning to any potential risk employee. SEAL provides protocols and trained security operators to deal with these situations in a professional manner, minimizing further workforce exposure.

Front Line Industries

The pressures of reopening will impact different industries in different ways:

Corporate Buildings. SEAL has made its name through the provision of concierge and front of house security. We understand the pressures of balancing profitable business against safeguarding employees and clients. Providing reassurance and mitigating against onward outbreaks within these locations will ensure a successful return to business as usual.

Transport Hubs. Our technology solutions scan multiple individuals at once, allowing for the continued movement of people. Airports, railways and ferry ports experience huge footfalls from diverse locations. Containment at these areas will restrict any onward transmission into wider networks.

Events, Public Spaces and Entertainment. Public gatherings have been canceled due to the likelihood of the onward transmission of the virus. Post lockdown, specific care will be required from event organizers in assuring the safety of their customers. SEAL has a long history of event security management and can assist in ensuring the right solutions are employed.

Retail and Distribution Centers. SEAL has multiple options of thermal screening technology. Whilst handheld devices may be appropriate and cost-effective in certain environments we offer more non-evasive screening solutions that may benefit certain retail premises. Either option can provide early warning of COVID-19 symptoms and assist in protecting your workplace.

Healthcare. Within high-risk areas SEAL can provide trained staff, equipped with the correct PPE to take accurate readings from both members of the public and employees. The technology provided will detect to an accuracy of 0.3ºC, ensuring that early interception is possible and these critical locations can maintain operations safely.

Educational, Religious and Cultural. SEAL works together with its clients to ensure they are supported in every aspect. Remaining sensitive to the environment, SEAL can employ effective non-invasive thermal screening solutions.

public transportation

Technology Solutions

To cater to a number of different situations SEAL has the ability to provide a diverse mix of fever screening technology solutions. Our larger multi-screening solutions are ideally located at entry points with a single unit having the capacity to scan up to 100 individuals per minute. Thermal imaging is suited for areas of continued traffic or surges inactivity, such as shift changeovers or the start of a working day. An alternate option is individual handheld devices. These can take an effective reading at a distance of 6 inches from the person being tested. Their use may be for areas of low footfall or for identified individuals that require reassurance.

SEAL Services

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As a comprehensive security provider SEAL can assist with all your needs when planning and implementing a successful thermal screening solution in response to COVID-19:

Consulting and Advising. Working with our clients we provide guidance and recommendations, ensuring the solutions employed are tailored to their need.

Technology. SEAL Integrated Systems (SIS) provides SEAL’s in-house security technology solutions. SIS oversees installations and offers complete after service care.

Technology Operators. SEAL currently provides Security Officers in 38 countries. We are proud of our Officers and their high levels of training and professionalism. Our high caliber operators will provide you with the reassurances you require.

Procedural Guides. Our Standard Operating Procedures cover all aspects of technology employment, processing procedures, COVID-19 safety considerations and more. They will be tailored to your site, allowing for a seamless implementation.

For more information about thermal screening or any of our other services please contact us online or alternatively reach us at