The Importance of Thermal Security Cameras in a Post-COVID World

The global impact of COVID-19 has produced an extensive change to communities around the world. Before restoring to standard business operations, post-COVID societies must transform their outlook of the future and enforce necessary precautions in response to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. 

To be effective in reopening, a layered approach to mitigating the threat must be employed. Fever screening is one of these critical layers. Fever screening becomes increasingly essential to the reopening of business, thermal imaging cameras are a critical advancement for streamlining temperature-taking. Thermal security cameras screen for COVID-19 symptoms and locate potential threats of exposure from a safe distance.

COVID-19 screening cameras allow security personnel to identify symptomatic individuals effectively. The use of thermal imaging ensures early detection and allows a safe analysis of individuals potentially suffering from COVID-19 before cross-contamination can occur.

Businesses worldwide will need thermal screening solutions if they want to succeed in a post-COVID world. Open with confidence when you install fever-screening technology in your business. With the multitude of options for access control readers and thermal security cameras available for businesses screening for COVID-19, you can choose between top models from brands like InVid Tech, feevr, and ZKTeco USA.

Silverseal works with clients to choose the best technology for their needs to ensure they are informed, protected, and reassured in a world after COVID-19.

Silent Sentinel Fixed Modum: Elevated Body Temperature Detection Cameras

Fixed Modum: Elevated Body Temperature Detection Cameras

The Fixed Modum is a highly accurate profiling system designed to detect elevated body temperature. The Modum family of cameras offers quick identification of potential threats of exposure. The Fixed Modum combines a highly accurate thermal camera and an HD daylight camera for fast and efficient temperature detection.

Each Fixed Modum can be installed as a standalone system or be fed back to a centralized network location as part of an existing security system. The Fixed Modum is perfect for businesses of varying size and complexity and ideal for indoor usage. For rapid deployment scenarios, the Modum Lite allows companies to go portable with a standalone thermal-only system.

Silent Sentinel Fixed Modum Benefits

The Fixed Modum fulfills the requirements of standoff elevated body temperature detection. Benefits that businesses can expect from Fixed Modum cameras include:

  • High accuracy
    Readings are accurate to within ±0.54°F (±0.3°C).
  • Blackbody pairing
    When paired with a self-regulating blackbody for temperature reference, they receive constant, hands-free calibration.
  • Quick response time
    The HD daylight camera can get a reading in under half a second, even when an individual is moving.
  • Efficient distance of measurement
    They can scan temperatures up to 16.4 ft (5 m) away.
  • Integration capabilities
    Modum cameras qualify for integration with an additional facial recognition systems for extra security.
  • Adjustable resolution quality
    They contain options for high (640×512) and low (384×288) resolution.
  • Mobility
    The Modum Lite offers a portable design for rapid deployment and mobility.

InVid SEC-BODYTEMPCAM1: Body Temperature Detection Network Camera


The SEC-BODYTEMPCAM1 is an efficient way for businesses to monitor the body temperature of any incoming personnel. With many similarities to the Fixed Modum, this thermal camera from InVid Tech works in a network system to detect body temperatures and ensure safe identification of symptomatic individuals.


Benefits of InVid’s SEC-BODYTEMPCAM1 include:

  • High accuracy
    Readings are accurate to within ±0.54°F (±0.3°C). 

  • Blackbody pairing
    This camera can maintain a high accuracy of reading when paired with a blackbody. The blackbody will self-regulate its surface temperature for consistent reference, making calibration constant and self-contained.

  • Quick response time
    It responds in 30 milliseconds to provide quick and efficient readings.

  • Quality thermal resolution
    The effective pixels are of 400×300 thermal resolution.

  • Alarm notification
    When a reading is over the temperature input threshold, security personnel are notified via an alarm.

  • Color control options
    This camera includes 17 color control options.

  • Handles multiple readings
    It can detect up to 16 bodies at a given time for multiple, concurrent readings.

feevr: AI-Based Non-Contact Thermal Imaging and Screening System

feevr: AI-Based Thermal Screening and Imaging System

Businesses opening their doors post-COVID can identify elevated temperatures with feevr, a rapid AI-based thermal imaging system cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in thermal screening. With AI-supported analysis, feevr is ideal for corporations interested in both security and data collection.

The goal of feevr is to screen crowds of people for elevated temperatures, and it is designed explicitly for facial and forehead thermal detection. Prevent chances of cross-infection with feevr’s non-contact-based technology.

feevr Benefits

The technology behind feevr combines the accessible design of handheld temporal scanners and the high-quality performance of large commercial scanners, resulting in a product with an abundance of benefits.

  • High accuracy
    Readings are accurate to within ±0.4°F (±0.22°C).
  • Efficient distance of measurement
    It can scan temperatures up to 20 ft (6 m) away. Through remote administration, feevr supports social distancing and decreases the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Quality thermal resolution
    The effective pixels are of 160×120 thermal resolution.
  • Alert signal
    It also features customizable alert input temperature to trigger alert signals whenever skin temperature reaches or surpasses the threshold. Operating personnel will know precisely when to react, as the system captures data of an individual’s elevated temperature.
  • Handles multiple scans
    In less than 5 seconds, feevr can perform up to 10 individualized scans at once.
  • Mobility
    Its compact design that is easy to store and carry.
  • Widely available
    The costs are comparably less than large commercial scanners.
  • Skin and core temperature readings
    While feevr excels at facial region thermal detection, it can additionally display core temperature readings.
  • Battery-powered
    The rechargeable battery provides 18-20 hours of use when paired with the supplied power bank and wireless charging kit.



ZKTeco USA SF1008+ and SF1005-V+: Body Temperature and Mask Detection Access Control Reader

ZKTeco USA SF1008+ and SF1005-V+ detects body temperature and masks

ZKTeco USA, a top brand for access control readers, has created two new patent-pending models perfect for businesses post-COVID-19. ZKTeco’s SF1008+ and SF1005-V+ can detect elevated body temperatures and the presence of a mask, streamlining the process of admitting clients and employees.

The SpeedFace+ technology used in these models combines thermal security imaging and ZKTeco’s latest face and fingerprint recognition algorithms, creating the industry’s most advanced products. The accuracy, convenience, and quick matching-speed make SF1008+ and SF1005-V+ access control readers essential for the future of airports, schools, and other public or commercial meeting spaces.

SF1008+ and SF1005-V+ Benefits

ZKTeco’s access control readers with body temperature and mask detection include additional benefits, such as:

  • High accuracy: Readings are accurate to within ±0.6°F (±0.33°C). These readers work best inside climate-controlled rooms. The SpeedFace+ temperature settings may need to be recalibrated if the room is variable.
  • Efficient distance of measurement: These systems can scan temperatures up to 18 inches (45.72 cm) away. ZKTeco ensures that user authentication is completely touchless. Their models grant access based on distanced face or palm verification and decrease the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Integrated face and palm recognition: SF1008+ has the capacity to store and match up to 50,000 faces and 5,000 palms. SF1005-V+ can store up to 6,000 faces and 3,000 palms.
  • Flexible operation: Both systems work in total darkness or bright sunlight to ensure maximum efficiency. They can be used as a standalone system or feed into an existing access control system.
  • Masked face verification: Registered and unregistered individuals within the face recognition system can still have their body temperature and mask detected. Face verification operates with or without the presence of a mask.

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