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Condominium and High-Rise Apartment Security

Your homeowners’ association may require you to have a well-designed and well-executed security plan to protect residents’ properties and possessions from potential threats. Silverseal delivers world-class expertise and leadership to develop a customized solution for your security needs.

We conduct premise inspections to identify strengths and potential vulnerabilities, devise patrol plans, check residential applicant backgrounds, and recommend equipment and technology resources to bring you the most comprehensive security services.

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Residential Security / Manned Guarding

Staffed guarding provides value to condominiums, apartment complexes, and buildings alike. The physical presence of a guard deters vandalism, petty theft, and other crime that could reduce your neighborhood’s value and reputation.

At Silverseal, we’re experts in physical security services, and we protect your organization from any and all threats. Our specialists have extensive experience in premise patrol, risk reduction, and emergency response to provide you with a full-service solution. Each team member has skills in conflict resolution, de-escalation tactics, and active physical protection techniques.

Executive Protection

Maintain privacy and safety through Silverseal’s executive protection services. With Silverseal professionals by your side, you’ll create a more secure environment, safeguard resident valuables, and protect others from potential threats. Our well-trained and highly skilled security experts guard premises and persons at risk due to political and business activities, high net worth, employment, and more.

Silverseal also carries out significant due diligence, including background checks, to screen for potential threats. This proactive approach mitigates risks to property, people, and reputation.

Access Control Systems

With Silverseal’s expertise in access control for condos and high-rise residential buildings, you successfully prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the property or using your amenities. Reducing the chances for potential threats keeps your residents, their guests, and their possessions safe.

Silverseal works with you to design access control procedures and systems that lower costs for re-keying, facilitate mobile admissions, and promote a better resident experience. Our strategies help you manage permissions from a single dashboard on a resident level, ensuring only authorized parties gain access to property gates, specific residential buildings, and special amenities.

Intruder Alarms

At Silverseal, we understand the benefits of adding alarms to your high-rise condo and apartment security plan — increased property value, reduced insurance expenses, and greater peace of mind. We offer expert integration advice to combine alarms with other safeguarding solutions like CCTV surveillance and access control for a multifaceted security approach.

During our consultation, we’ll advise you on your unique risks and develop a personalized strategy to mitigate them. Our experienced professionals deliver, install, upgrade, and maintain the equipment to provide all the support you need for maximizing intruder alarm benefits.

Reduce Risk With Security From Silverseal

Choose Silverseal as the condominium and high-rise security services provider you deserve. We offer more than three decades of knowledge for customized solutions focusing on the needs and risks of your building or complex. Our professionals boast international experience across broad industries, comprehensive security services with flexible pricing, and 24/7 access to senior management.

Learn more about our unmatched service and expertise by contacting a team member online now.