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Distribution, Logistics, and Supply Chain Security Services

Work With an Established and Exclusive Security Company with Experience in the Distribution, Logistics, and Supply Chain Sector

Supply chain security involves protecting companies from physical threats and technological vulnerabilities. Distribution centers and logistics operations can best protect their employees, customers, property, and products by partnering with a security expert like Silverseal.

Silverseal is an established and exclusive security company with experience in the distribution, logistics, and supply chain sector. Our experts will help your company evaluate its existing operations and provide protection through customized distribution logistics services.

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    Security Concerns for the Logistics, Supply Chain, and Distribution Industry

    Supply chain security is crucial for businesses because it creates a secure environment that reduces the chance of a physical or technological security issue. Mitigating threats to your assets leads to cost savings, efficient operations, positive customer experiences, and protection for physical and intellectual property.

    A comprehensive distribution logistics security solution addresses:

    • Physical security: Physical security addresses external threats, like piracy and sabotage, and internal threats, such as employee theft.
    • Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity manages technology vulnerabilities, unauthorized access, and similar concerns to protect your network and data.
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    Supply Chain Security Options

    Silverseal offers multiple approaches to a customized security solution for your logistics center. Explore some of our solutions.

    Our corporate security solutions address physical security concerns in the commercial environment. We will deploy trained, experienced security guards at your facility to protect your assets and employees. Their presence will safeguard your property and deter potential crimes. Our team will also prepare your employees for fires and similar concerns by running emergency drills and exercises.

    Executives, VIPs, and individuals with a high net worth may want escort services for protection. We will provide agents to help you get to your destination safely and discretely. These agents are trained and experienced in identifying threats, performing security checks, and following legal regulations. Our network extends worldwide for protection anywhere at any time.

    Our asset search offering is part of our investigative services. Our team will use public records, files, and other documents to understand the liabilities and assets of a property or company to compile an accurate profile. We can locate hard-to-find patents, real estate holdings, personal property, and more.

    Silverseal’s counterfeiting exposure service uses investigative techniques to uncover forgery for finances, products, and intellectual property. We can leverage our worldwide network of IP investigators and legal experts to expose instances of financial fraud against your company. Our examination of your operations will help your company protect your assets, brand image, and finances.

    Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance services use cameras, video analytics, and real-time monitoring to secure your property, assets, employees, and customers. Our team will design a CCTV system for your facility and complete the installation so you can identify and monitor areas of risk.

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    Why Choose Silverseal for Customized Distribution Logistics Security Solutions?

    Silverseal is a comprehensive security firm specializing in solutions for the distribution, supply chain, and logistics industry. Our team will be there for you when and where it counts. Our clients trust us with their security needs because of our:

    • Vast security offerings: Silverseal is an exclusive firm with broad security services. We offer more than other security companies to meet every need.
    • Customizable solutions: All of our security services can be tailored to your specific requirements. We will find any solution at request, even if it is not a standard offering.
    • Decades in the security industry: Silverseal has been a trusted security firm since 1988. Our years of experience help us keep our clients ahead of whatever security risks they face.
    • Experienced leadership: Our executive team consists of seasoned professionals who use their specialized expertise to create safe environments for our clients. We have former chiefs of the New York City Police Department, high-ranking military officers, and other leaders on our team. You will have access to senior management at all times to discuss your security concerns and protection options.
    • Commitment to our clients: Silverseal values integrity always. We support our clients through leading technologies that foster safety and security, and our approach to every case involves professionalism and discretion. We will take care to protect your business and privacy.

    Contact Us for More Information About Our Security Services

    Silverseal is a leader in distribution logistics security solutions. We will identify security concerns, understand your requirements, and deliver a top-notch solution for your company. Discover what Silverseal can offer your supply chain operation. Contact our professionals online today for more information.