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Nashville, Tennessee.

Silverseal Southeast Region

As your commercial property or residential community navigate security challenges, you can work with Silverseal for advanced protection and dependable support. We bring a highly skilled team of security experts to manage your individualized security concerns and requirements and offer trusted solutions.

We have prioritized our clients’ security needs for the past three decades, offering innovative technological solutions and best practices to keep them and their properties safe. We provide monitoring, consulting, and security technology installation in Tennessee, surrounding regions, and worldwide to give our customers peace of mind every day.

The Value of Security Companies for Your Nashville Business

As a leading Southeast United States security company, Silverseal is committed to delivering optimized solutions to protect our clients in the region. We understand that businesses and communities in Tennessee and throughout the Southeast navigate critical security concerns in day-to-day operations, and we offer practical, reliable assistance to meet our clients’ needs. Our services include training and incident management, crisis management, COVID-19 solutions, The New Blue program, and many other options to fit your unique requirements.

You can rely on us for crucial security advantages including:

  • Increased peace of mind.
  • Prompt crisis response.
  • Mitigated risk for your property and community.

Our Services

We offer services tailored to our clients’ unique requirements with security technology installation and premier services in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Security and Investigations

Our security and investigative capabilities allow us to provide a comprehensive suite of litigation assistance, surveillance services, and other premier solutions for your protection.

Asset Searches

Should you need to find hidden or otherwise difficult-to-find assets, real estate holdings, information on a subject’s lifestyle or relationships, family members’ holdings, or other items, our expert team can uncover the required information.

Background Checks

As you hire high-level executives with access to sensitive business information, our team can conduct a comprehensive background check to help you select trusted individuals.

Due Diligence

We understand that you require in-depth insights when making crucial business decisions, from partnerships to mergers and acquisitions to employment selections. Our elite investigative team can collect personal or business history, polygraph testing, expert testing, credentials verification, and other sensitive data to help you make informed decisions.

Counterfeiting Exposure

Identify stolen intellectual property, product piracy, trademark infringement, and other criminal activities with our trusted counterfeit investigation team.

Financial Fraud

We can assist with asset recovery, civil and criminal litigation support, and investigations into various forms of fraud to help protect your business.

Locating Service

When you need to find key witnesses, absent heirs, delinquent debtors, or other hard-to-find subjects, our highly skilled team can rapidly and lawfully locate them for you.

Surveillance Services

We offer surveillance options for monitoring behaviors, intelligence gathering, physical identifications, and other highly sensitive requirements for your security.

Technical Security Countermeasures

To protect your sensitive data and operations from intrusive surveillance, our team can provide bug sweeps and thorough investigations to uncover instances of electronic eavesdropping and other security risks.

Corporate Security Solutions

We understand that every corporate client has unique security requirements, and we are committed to providing optimized solutions for them. Our veteran investigative and security experts offer wide-ranging knowledge and resources to best protect your business, assets, and employees.

Special Event Security

No matter the size or location, your event can be secure with trusted access control, surveillance solutions, monitoring, and security support from our team.

Executive Protection

Clients with high social status or net worth can trust our highly trained military and law enforcement security specialists and protection managers as they navigate unique security concerns. We prioritize safety and privacy for each of our clients.

Operation Centers

Our premier operation center monitors potential threats, travel disruptions, weather emergencies, unrest and turmoil, and other risks to keep our clients prepared and safe.

Security Escort

Our professional escort services provide trusted logistical management and protection for high-profile politicians, celebrities, and other individuals in the public eye.

Residential Protection Services

When you need security you can trust for peace of mind about your home and family, Silverseal offers expert support and cutting-edge technologies to keep you safe.

Technologies We Offer for Your Security Needs

To best address security concerns for our commercial, residential, and individual clients, we provide the latest security technology. Our state-of-the-art offerings include:
  • Intruder alarms.
  • Digital mobile radio systems.
  • Access control systems
  • Intercoms.
  • Thermal screening solutions.
  • CCTV.