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The New Blue

The New Blue

Public outcry for reform. Significant media scrutiny. A growing political divide. Lack of safety for citizens and police.  The stakes are higher than ever to restore trust in the police departments that protect and serve thousands of communities across the U.S.  Partnering with StoneTurn, Silverseal has assembled a world-class team―foremost experts in police reform, the design and implementation of effective compliance programs, and data analytics―to assist in bringing lasting change at this critical juncture.

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Repairing the Relationship Between Police Departments and their Communities

  • Constructive conversations are needed. An open dialog and cooperation among community members, police leaders and elected officials is essential to develop a new framework for public safety efforts. Proudly partners with StoneTurn
  • Assessing and improving our nation’s police departments requires evaluating each community’s unique needs, risks, capabilities, and culture.
  • Each community will need a customized, cost-effective approach to achieve meaningful change.
  • The desire to respond quickly should be balanced with an understanding of the issues, the correct approach, and the ability to maintain or develop the appropriate controls and processes.
  • An in-depth knowledge of policing practices, similar compliance reviews, federal and local laws, change management, data analytics, and collaboration and communication with diverse constituencies will be required to deliver positive results.

Our Team: Police Reform Experts

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Patrick Timlin

Senior Advisor

Patrick, a 22-year veteran of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), is the CEO of Silverseal, a corporate security consultancy. Before entering the private sector, he served as NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations. Earlier, he was given command of the Bronx after the fatal Amadou Diallo police shooting with the express mandate to repair fractured community relations. He achieved success through extensive outreach, community forums and establishing true community partnerships.

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James Secreto

Senior Advisor

James brings over 40 years of Law Enforcement experience and has long served as a beacon of change in a constantly evolving world. His executive leadership experience is highlighted by a history of building strong meaningful relationships within diverse communities, as well as developing innovative and dynamic strategies to guide progressive policing.

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Richard Greene

Senior Advisor

Richard has a lifetime record of grass-roots community activism and social justice.  His achievements are many and he has been recognized by multiple local and national organizations. Richard is widely recognized as the “go to” peacemaker in countless factional situations, including many police shootings which became flash points of concern and unrest in the communities.

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Carol E. Rasor-Cordero

Senior Advisor

Carol has served in leadership roles in the public and education sectors for more than 30 years. A veteran law enforcement professional and educator, she brings data research skills, training and development, project management, and leadership development experience to a wide variety of performance management and security consulting assignments, including the operational analysis of more than a dozen municipal police departments.

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Risk Assessments

We engage in thoughtful discussions with community and department leaders; conduct community surveys and focus groups; maintain communication with stakeholders; and undertake comprehensive reviews of policies, procedures, approaches, and interactions. We add significant value by developing a deep understanding of the issues, identifying the correct approach, and maintaining or designing the appropriate controls and processes. Our team are experts in proactively testing compliance controls meant to prevent misconduct by identifying root causes and implementing corrective measures.


Data Analytics

StoneTurn’s Data Analytics experts analyze data sets; create dynamic visual models; and extract key insights. We help police departments incorporate and expand technology to improve department activities and training; use data to identify misconduct warning signs and flag for review; examine data for trends and anomalies; and connect disparate data.

Leading Change

Our professionals will work with communities and their police departments to review historic approaches and activities; create and approve plans to implement changes; offer technical assistance; develop and conduct training; and draft communications to different stakeholders. Our experts have managed engagements designed to promote integrity and efficiency by engaging with stakeholders, conducting fact-based analysis, and undertaking program reviews to improve and streamline processes and procedures.

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Compliance Program Enhancement

We are well-versed in community policing models, law enforcement practices, federal and local laws, compliance reviews, change management processes, data analytics tools, training techniques, and approaches for collaboration and communication with diverse constituencies. Our team can expertly and efficiently connect the communities and their departments to deliver a lasting and measurable impact through program enhancements and training.

The Silverseal and StoneTurn
team have unmatched experience
on a local and federal level.

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