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Customized Security Solutions for the Construction Industry

Silverseal are Experts in Construction Security

When it comes to construction site security, protecting your business, workers, equipment, and the public is imperative. In general, construction poses serious safety hazards that must always be accounted for, and each construction site has its own unique risks.

Working with an experienced construction site security provider like Silverseal will ensure a safe environment at your construction site and help reduce the chance of vandalism, theft, and workplace injury.

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    Security Services for Construction Companies

    There are multiple approaches to creating a customized security solution for your construction company, including manned guarding, workers’ compensation fraud investigations, CCTV surveillance, and more.

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    Silverseal’s Construction Services

    Using security guards prevents potential crime while proactively safeguarding what’s important to your client, job site, workers, and assets. Manned guarding offers regular premise patrol and access control, and it shows construction workers that you prioritize their well-being and your clients that you value their project.

    With Silverseal’s corporate security services on your side, you receive the benefits of highly skilled and well-trained guards without jeopardizing the progress of your construction project. Our team of specialists has extensive experience, education, and cutting-edge technology to protect your resources from threats.

    At Silverseal, we know a CCTV solution holds people accountable, preserves potential evidence, and offers remote monitoring capabilities.

    Our team of specialized CCTV professionals listens to your needs, identifies your risks, and supplies the equipment to solve your challenges. We’re experts in the design and installation of high-quality systems that deliver live video feed for actionable data. CCTV surveillance actively monitors all access points to your construction site, and identifies any workplace injuries, theft, vandalism, or trespassing, as it happens in real-time.

    Due to the nature of the construction industry and the frequency of workplace injuries, construction companies are typically more vulnerable to false workers’ compensation claims. Provided the injury is not self-inflicted or incurred because the employee violated or neglected your company’s safety policies and practices, they can pursue compensation insurance.

    Ultimately, employers, employees, insurance companies, and employee health care providers can all commit workers’ compensation frauds. Having a professional workers’ compensation fraud investigator such as Silverseal explore each avenue of the incident and identify the true validity of each claim.

    Silverseal provides comprehensive background checks for high-level executives, board members, or other fiduciaries that impact your construction business and future employees. We can verify worker certifications, previous employment, and the credibility of your business partners.

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    Reduce Risk in the Construction Industry with Silverseal

    Silverseal is a leader among construction companies. Our methods provide you with a thorough security strategy that resolves your challenges, focuses on your needs, and includes flexible pricing. The leadership team at Silverseal has extensive security experience, and you always have access to our senior management.

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    Silverseal is unmatched in construction site security solutions. Contact us today so our team can provide you with the best security option for your needs.