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Retail & Shopping Center Security Solutions  

Work With an Established and Exclusive Security Company with Experience in the Retail Sector

Malls, shopping centers, and retail stores are often bustling with people, especially during the holidays or special sales. With so much activity, security for the facility and its operations is essential. Partnering with a security expert like Silverseal protects your vendors, merchandise, guests, and property.

Silverseal is a comprehensive security firm with extensive experience in the retail industry. We will help your shopping center understand its security risks and identify the solutions needed to protect its assets.

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    The Importance of Security in Your Retail Store and Mall

    Security is crucial for shopping areas. The presence of security services, like closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and guards, demonstrates to merchants and shoppers that their safety is a priority. Top-notch security solutions create a better experience for guests and promote a safe working environment for store employees.

    Security also reduces the chance of criminal activity. A security presence, whether through manned guards or video surveillance, can deter theft and other crimes.

    Security Options for Storefronts, Malls, and Shopping Centers

    With Silverseal retail and shopping center security solutions, you can protect your facility against common retail crimes like employee theft, vandalism, and sabotage.

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    Silverseal Offers Several Security Options for Retail Stores.

    Our retail security services protect mall employees, guests, and assets by providing armed security officers in your facility. Our personnel are experienced in security and have undergone training. These officers provide the physical security presence necessary to deter crimes. We can also teach mall employees about fire safety by conducting drills and exercises.

    Silverseal has security intelligence specialists who use technology to monitor and respond to security-related incidents. Our security command center will look for any threats to your location using video surveillance, cameras, and wireless networking. We will send up-to-date information about these risks to prepare you for any possible security concerns.

    Our asset search investigative services protect your shopping center from liabilities. This highly specialized service uses public records and other resources to locate assets and their potential concerns. An asset search is valuable whether you have a civil judgment or want to gather information before litigation.

    Financial fraud is a concern for many retail stores. Silverseal will protect your business from counterfeiting by exposing forgery for products, trademarks, intellectual property, and more. Our team uses investigative techniques such as data mining and analysis. Our counterfeit exposure service protects your business’s finances, reputation, and customers.

    CCTV camera installation and surveillance is a cost-effective way to monitor your property and identify security threats. Our team can set up video networks complete with cameras, video analytics, real-time surveillance, and multi-location monitoring. These systems also store footage for later reference.

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    Why Choose Silverseal for Customized Mall, Shopping Center, and Retail Security Solutions?

    Silverseal is a global security company specializing in physical, investigative, and technological services for shopping centers. Our team is committed to making your retail store a safe, positive environment for all. The advantages of choosing Silverseal for your mall security needs include:

    • Years of experience: We have worked in retail store security since 1988. Our expertise allows us to help our clients stay ahead of security threats.
    • Seasoned leadership: Our executive team has vast experience in fields like the police force and military. They use their knowledge to help our clients improve their security efforts. Our senior management is available anytime to discuss your security concerns and decide the best protective measures for your needs.
    • Customizable services: We offer many standard security solutions. Each of our offerings can be customized to fit your unique requirements. We will find any solution upon request, even if it is beyond the scope of our typical services.
    • Commitment to professionalism: Silverseal approaches every case with discretion and professionalism. We take every client’s needs seriously and will do our best to enhance your security efforts.

    Contact Us for More Information About Our Security Services

    Silverseal works with malls, retail stores, and shopping centers of all sizes to identify security concerns and put safeguards in place. We will help you keep your facility, people, and merchandise safe. Learn more about what we can do for your business. Get more information by contacting our team online. You may also read our retail security case study to learn how we successfully stopped internal theft for a distinguished global retail distributor.