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Private Security & Investigations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is outsourcing security better?

The immediate cost of directly employing an individual will usually be less than employing a reputable security firm to oversee the task. Whilst the labor charge and daily pay rate for the officer will be similar, a security firm will bill you for additional management and overhead costs.  These costs would include items such as: payroll taxes, training, recruitment, background checks, uniform and other essential equipment.  If you are not established to handle these additional factors, the costs will quickly eclipse the upfront expense of outsourcing. For these reasons it is far more common to employ the services of a security company, as opposed to directly employing an individual.

Forming an in-house security team can be challenging. You could end up paying for ineffective security guards, or you might find they are unreliable and leaving you with holes in your security for a shift. Outsourcing these services is often the preferred option for peace of mind and eventual cost saving.  Find out more about the benefits of outsourcing your security services.

What is corporate security?

Corporate security refers to the processes a company undertakes to limit threats and protect its employees, customers, and property. Examples of corporate security include physical security, armed or unarmed man guarding, video surveillance, access control systems, and other security technology at corporate headquarters, offices, etc. Small and big companies alike must invest in the latest security measures available, including personnel, advanced SOPs, high-end technology, and exclusive training. Learn more about corporate security solutions from Silverseal.

Who needs corporate security?

Prominent companies (Fortune 500, in the news, controversial, etc.) anywhere, and high-rise buildings in urban areas should make sure they have a strong corporate security presence at their corporate offices to minimize potential threats to their employees, clients, and property. Learn more about corporate security.

How much does a security guard cost?

The cost of a security guard or security officer will vary, depending on their experience, any specialist roles or skills required for the job or the type of asset they would be protecting.  A security officer who is customer facing and delivers a concierge approach would likely cost more than an officer who is not required to have these additional skills.  An average unarmed security guard generally costs anywhere from $20 – $35 per hour. Armed security guards typically cost more at around $30 – $45 per hour, with more experienced, armed security guards routinely costing above $40 per hour. Learn more about corporate security for your business.

What is a private investigator?

A private investigator (PI) is a freelance detective hired by a company or individual to carry out a specific investigation. A private investigator must be licensed in his/her region, and typically possesses a law enforcement background. Investigations and services a private investigator typically provide include:

  • Asset searches
  • Counterfeiting exposure
  • Financial fraud
  • Locating services
  • Workers’ compensation, employee theft, and business fraud
  • Technical security countermeasures (bug sweeping)
  • Competitor intelligence development
  • White collar crime investigations
  • Witness location, interviews, and statements
  • Premise liability investigations

Learn more about private investigations from Silverseal.

Who needs a private investigator?

Anyone who requires access to information they currently do not hold or are unable to acquire may require the services of a private investigator.  In many cases private investigators are hired to support law enforcement agencies or legal firms in the gathering of additional evidence to support legal proceedings. If company hiring practices carry additional risks it might be common to hire a private investigator to carry out further due diligence on potential employees, this would likely involve extensive background checks and possible interviews.  Organizations may also investigate workers compensation fraud by conducting surveillance on individuals suspected of carrying out bogus claims.  Private citizens also regularly access private investigator services to support with information searches. Learn more about private investigations.

How much does a private investigator cost?

A private investigator (PI) generally costs between $150 – $250 per hour. This cost varies on the private investigator’s level of experience, severity & length of investigation, scope of work, etc.  It is often the case that you would be responsible for covering additional costs for any investigation. These may include travel, accommodation or sustenance.  Individual background checks and access to information would also incur additional costs which would be passed onto the client.  Learn more about private investigations from Silverseal.

What is executive protection?

Executive protection, also referred to as close protection, focuses on mitigating risk for individuals whose occupations, travel itineraries, reputations, prominence, affiliations, or wealth require a heightened personal security detail. Executive protection often includes experienced security guards (armed or unarmed), escorting VIPs during travel to meetings & events. Learn more about executive protection services from Silverseal.

Who needs executive protection?

Executive protection is aimed for high-end, VIP individuals whose occupations, travel itineraries, reputations, prominence, affiliations, or wealth require a heightened personal security detail. These VIPs generally include prominent community leaders, politicians & their families, CEOs, famous celebrities, targets of attention (Lottery winner, Witness of a crime, etc.) or individuals traveling with valuable articles or cash. Learn more about executive protection.

How much does executive protection cost?

On average, executive protection costs about $60 to $100 an hour per security guard. This cost can fluctuate depending on factors such as: armed or unarmed security, operating in high-risk or low-risk areas, the prominence of the client and the threat level they face.  Security operatives that specialize in executive protection are often from former law enforcement or military backgrounds.  Their prior training and experience will ensure the task is completed to the exact standard required.  Any opportunities for cost effective or cheap executive protection services should be scrutinized.  Compromising on a low price will directly impact the level of service offered and ultimately the safety of the client.  Learn more about executive protection services from Silverseal.

What is event security?

Event security is the process of protecting all attendees, as well as the venue, of a coordinated gathering. Events typically include large crowds; therefore, it is imperative to have a well-thought-out security plan and experienced security team for your event. Security solutions for event venues include access and crowd control, patrolling and traffic supervision, and crisis mitigation. Special event security will secure all entry points, patrol venue grounds, check attendees’ credentials, bags, or other belongings, and install, utilize, monitor, and maintain electronic surveillance equipment. Learn more about event security.

Who needs event security?

People or companies coordinating large gatherings at a private venue or public setting must account for event security. Event organizers should have a presence of at least 1 security guard per 100 guests at the bare minimum. The more prominent attendees are, the more security that is required. Learn more about event security.

How much does event security cost?

The cost of event security depends on many factors including the size of the event, type of event, length of event, entry points, amount of event attendees, prominence of guests, armed vs. unarmed security, as well as the amount of security guards and security technology required.  There are many security providers that specialize in event security.  They can offer you detailed overviews of what is required to secure your event and what budget should be set aside.  Learn more about choosing the right event security provider for your event.

What is security technology?

Security technology refers to surveillance, emergency, and access control software – including access control systems, CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) solutions, DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) systems, intercoms, intruder alarms, thermal screening devices, etc. – used to minimize any potential threats to a person, group, or organization. Learn more about security technology.

Who needs security technology?

Any individual or company with valuable assets or people to protect should consider the use of security technology. Security technology consists of access control systems, CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) solutions, DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) systems, intercoms, intruder alarms, thermal screening devices, etc. – used to minimize any potential threats to a person, group, or organization. Learn more about security technology.

How do you become a licensed security guard?

In the United States, to become a licensed security guard, you must first apply for a license in whichever state you reside. Each state has their own specific security guard licensing requirements, but nearly all states require that you have at least a GED or high school diploma. Next steps include a background check & drug screening. Once this stage is passed, security guard training is required, which covers emergency procedures, detaining offenders, property rights, etc. Some states require that security guards receive state-approved training, while others allow training to be conducted through a 3rd party training facility. The last step often requires you to have your fingerprints registered. Are you looking to pursue a career in security or recently licensed? See available security jobs at

Where does Silverseal operate, and what types of security & investigative services do you provide?

Established in 1988 and headquartered in New York City, Silverseal is a comprehensive global security solutions firm with other offices located in Nashville, TN, Denver, CO, San Francisco, CA, London, and Hong Kong. We maintain expertise in security consulting services, physical security, risk analysis & threat assessments, specialized private investigations, and executive protection. Our experienced team of professionals takes pride in exceeding client expectations, worldwide, with operations spanning throughout North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. Learn more about Silverseal’s security and investigative services.

What is the mission of Silverseal?

At Silverseal, we stand behind our mission statement of “integrity always.” We are dedicated to supporting our clients with leading edge technologies and creating the safest and most positive environments possible.

How in-depth are your security services at Silverseal?

Silverseal provides a variety of private security services across the globe, including Corporate Security, Armed & Unarmed Security, Executive / Close Protection, Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC) Management, Security Escort, Event Security, and Residential Security. Learn more about all our security services at Silverseal.

Does Silverseal install & monitor security technology for organizations?

Yes, Silverseal currently provides systems design, installation, and maintenance of security technology to support our global client base. We have developed strategic relationships with product providers allowing for cost-effective solutions. We offer Access Control systems, CCTV solutions, Intercoms, Intruder Alarms, Thermal Screening devices, and more. Our Security Officers are cohesively trained in every integrated technology to ensure fail-safe monitoring services. Learn more about security technology from Silverseal.

What are the most common investigative services Silverseal provides?

Silverseal offers a full suite of investigative services, including litigation support for civil and criminal matters for corporations, law firms and government entities. With a strong reputation as providers of comprehensive documentation in our work with the legal, insurance and business communities, our clients have had the benefit of making informed decisions in areas such as:

  • Asset searches
  • Counterfeiting exposure
  • Financial fraud
  • Locating services
  • Workers’ compensation, employee theft, and business fraud
  • Technical security countermeasures (bug sweeping)
  • Competitor intelligence development
  • White collar crime investigations
  • Witness location, interviews, and statements
  • Premise liability investigations

Silverseal’s senior investigators, field investigators, undercover operatives, forensic accountants, and security operatives work hand in hand to provide our clients with outstanding service. Learn more about investigative services from Silverseal.

What types of security consulting services does Silverseal provide?

Silverseal provides Threat & Risk Assessments, Organizational Management & Leadership Academies, “New Blue” Consulting for Police Departments & Local Communities, and Training & Incident Management for organizations, worldwide. Silverseal offers SAFE Environment services to companies of all sizes. Whether your business has less than 100 employees or several thousand, we are fully equipped to meet your corporation’s needs. Our team of senior security professionals is trained and certified as workplace violence practitioners, so we offer helpful training (active shooter training, incident preparedness, etc.) to human resource and management divisions. We can also provide on-site security to assist with disciplinary actions, large-scale layoffs, terminations, and press conferences. Learn more about security consulting from Silverseal.

What exactly is the “New Blue” program and how does Silverseal work with police departments & local communities?

Today, the stakes are higher than ever to restore trust in the police departments that protect and serve thousands of communities across the United States. Partnering with StoneTurn, Silverseal has assembled a world-class team―foremost experts in police reform, the design and implementation of effective compliance programs, and data analytics―to assist in reconnecting police departments with their community. We work with community stakeholders to help bridge any gap between police departments & communities and assist departments in adapting to new police reform laws & practices. Silverseal has extensive consultancy experience within:

  • Promotional & hiring practices of major U.S. police departments including Oakland PD
  • Ethical law enforcement & community outreach
  • Organizational analysis & development
  • Leadership training
  • Complex investigations
  • Government affairs
  • Security services program development

Learn more at The New Blue program from Silverseal and StoneTurn.

How has Silverseal adapted their corporate security services with Covid-19 guidelines? Can Silverseal assist corporate offices in reducing the risk of Covid-19 at the workplace?

Throughout the Covid-19 global pandemic, Silverseal actively ensures our corporate security team is complying with the latest guidance & recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC). Additionally, we have been supporting our clients through several technological & safety initiatives, including the following:

Thermal “Fever-Screening”– Silverseal has “fever screening” technicians, technology, and protocols, which can instantly screen employees and visitors entering/returning to the workplace. There are options available that cater for individuals or non-invasive multi-screening for up to 100 people per minute. This can provide great peace of mind to your staff and leadership.

Industrial Cleaning and Enhanced Sanitation Services– Silverseal partners with a qualified team of turnkey certified industrial hygienists and professional biohazard professionals. All services comply with guidance and recommendations from the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

PPE and other Preventative Measures – Silverseal provides personal training/education, the implementation of preventative measures and decontamination operations for COVID-19. Silverseal also stocks a full array of personal protection equipment for distribution to its staff and clients.

Covid-19 Consulting and Advising – Working with our clients, we provide guidance and recommendations, ensuring the solutions employed are tailored to their needs. Our SOPs cover all aspects of technology employment, processing procedures, COVID-19 safety considerations and more. They will be tailored to your site, allowing for a seamless implementation. Learn more at Covid-19 consulting from Silverseal.

How experienced is Silverseal’s executive team & security experts?

Silverseal’s executive team is comprised of senior law enforcement and military professionals with expertise in security management, complex investigations, security consulting services, executive protection, event security, training program design and management, site and risk assessment, and surveillance. See our full Silverseal Executive Team.

Where can I find the latest security careers & job openings at Silverseal?

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to join a global leader in security and investigations. Silverseal provides the broadest scope of services to ensure that our clients’ needs are met around the world. Find the latest job openings at Silverseal at

Silverseal Consulting Division

Silverseal offers a full suite of services designed to assess, develop and execute organization plans and operations centers in every facet of government and private sector operations. It is our goal to provide outstanding service and ensure that your needs are meet.

Silverseal Investigations Division

Silverseal Investigative Division has one of the most effective, comprehensive investigative services available. Our experienced team of professionals takes pride in exceeding client expectations.

Silverseal Integrated Systems

Silverseal’s technology division, Silverseal Integrated Systems (SIS), is the provider of comprehensive electronic security and monitoring service solutions.  SIS’s core business delivers backgrounded, intricate security systems to public and private sectors of business.  All hardware systems and software is diligently researched and piloted before any deployment to ensure flawless delivery.

Silverseal Security Division

Silverseal’s Security Division is a global comprehensive security solutions firm based New York City and licensed throughout the United States to provide exclusive guarding and event security services in North and South America. Silverseal’s professionally trained and qualified licensed security officers cover a wide range of duties and responsibilities for our corporate clients who demand the highest level of professionalism and excellence.