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Comprehensive Security Solutions for Data Centers

Securing data centers is a complex problem that requires consideration of multiple aspects both individually and as a single holistic solution. The unit may be shared with other vendors or part of a larger multipurpose building; either way, a secure access system is vital to ensuring those that need access have it and those that do not, do not. Restricting access to valuable data ensures breaches are minimized, and the subsequent financial or reputational damage is avoided.

Silverseal has extensive experience in providing security for data centers. Our experts are skilled in writing comprehensive policies and procedures and auditing existing operations. We also advise on access control systems, alarm monitoring, and CCTV installation.

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Corporate Security and Manned Guarding for Data Centers

Using security guards prevents potential crime while proactively safeguarding what’s important to your operation— its employees, clients, and high tech assets. Physical guarding offers regular premise patrol and access control, and it shows employees and clients that you prioritize their well-being and data.

With Silverseal’s corporate security services on your side, you receive the benefits of highly skilled and well-trained guards. Our specialists have extensive experience, education, and cutting-edge technology to protect your resources from threats.

Technical Security Countermeasures

Silverseal provides counter surveillance and technical eavesdropping bug sweeping services, threat assessment consulting, and physical inspections that uncover evidence of electronic eavesdropping.

Access Control Systems Technology

Your building’s access control is vital to prevent unauthorized parties from entering your premises. 

Silverseal approaches access control through a multistep process, beginning with assessing who needs permission for entry. Our keyless entrance solutions rely on principles of least privilege to secure sensitive organization infrastructure and resources in a hygienic and utterly trackable way. 

Threat and Risk Assessments

Silverseal’s exclusive consulting services save you time and money with proactive protection designed for your data center. Our thorough threat and risk assessment process identifies your organization’s most essential assets, analyzes vulnerabilities, and develops a plan to reduce risk through prevention techniques.

When we work with you, you can focus on making strategic decisions in advance instead of using resources to react to incidents.

CCTV Surveillance

At Silverseal, we know a CCTV solution holds people accountable, preserves potential evidence, and offers remote monitoring capabilities. 

Our team of specialized CCTV professionals listens to your needs, identifies your risks, and supplies the equipment to solve your challenges. We’re experts in designing and installing high-quality systems that deliver live video feed for actionable data. 

Silverseal is the Security Solution for your Data Center

Silverseal is a leader in providing physical security to data centers. Our methods offer you a thorough security strategy that resolves your challenges, focuses on your needs, and includes flexible pricing. The leadership team at Silverseal has extensive security experience, and you have access to our senior management at all times. 

Contact our knowledgeable professionals online today to discover why Silverseal is unmatched in data center security solutions.