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Security Solutions for Financial Institutions

Experts in Security for the Financial Sector

If you are responsible for the physical security of a bank or other financial institutions, then you know that they are undoubtedly significant assets to protect. These assets may include money, financial data, customer information, or the property itself. Additional priorities for protection would also include your employees, facilities, clients’ assets, and ultimately, your reputation in the community.

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    The Importance of Bank Security

    Financial institutions face the risk of criminal activity through theft, vandalism, assault, fraud, and more. Silverseal boasts over 30 years of experience providing security within the financial sector and has an in-depth understanding of the banking and financial services industry. This allows us to design and implement a holistic security provision perfectly tailored to your needs.

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    Our Security Options for Financial Institutions

    Using security guards prevents potential crime while proactively safeguarding what’s important to your institution— its clients, employees, and assets. Physical guarding offers regular premise patrol and access control, and it shows both clients and employees that you prioritize their well-being.

    With Silverseal’s corporate security services on your side, you receive the benefits of highly skilled and well-trained guards. Our specialists have extensive experience, education, and cutting-edge technology to protect your resources from threats.

    A security operations center (SOC) is a centralized point with various surveillance tools to protect your property, infrastructure, and assets from harm. Silverseal’s experienced SOC staff proactively monitors your resources with a customized strategy. Our staff works around-the-clock using advanced software and tools to identify and prevent potential threats from the micro to macro level, enabling your organization to manage security holistically from one hub.

    Your financial institution’s access control is vital to prevent unauthorized parties from entering secure parts of the building. Silverseal approaches access control through a multistep process, beginning with assessing who needs permission for entry. Our keyless entrance solutions rely on principles of least privilege to secure sensitive organization infrastructure and resources in a hygienic and completely trackable way.

    Conducting a comprehensive background screening and investigation before offering someone a position can be essential to your institution’s health and viability. Employees are often privy to trade secrets, see the big numbers, and sign non-compete agreements. These individuals make big decisions for the good of your organization or may be responsible for securing your assets. Your firm may also be responsible for working in sensitive areas or handling valuable information. If this is the case and employee assurances are required, you should implement formal background checks.

    Workplace violence can occur during employee terminations or through other similar situations. Boost your employees’ sense of security by providing a SAFE environment.

    Silverseal provides comprehensive training to organizations of all sizes. Our programs educate employees on spotting potential violence, communicating, and establishing supportive environments for all parties.

    At Silverseal, we know a CCTV solution holds people accountable, preserves potential evidence, and offers remote monitoring capabilities.

    Our team of specialized CCTV professionals listens to your needs, identifies your risks, and supplies the equipment to solve your challenges. We’re experts in designing and installing high-quality systems that deliver live video feed for actionable data.

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    Comprehensive Security Solutions for the Financial Industry

    Silverseal is a leader among physical security providers for financial institutions. Our methods provide you with a thorough security strategy that resolves your challenges, focuses on your needs, and includes flexible pricing. The leadership team at Silverseal has extensive security experience, and you have access to our senior management at all times.

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