Special Event Security Checklist: Corporate Holiday Parties & Private Events

With the holidays around the corner and face to face events becoming common place once more, you may be considering what is required in ensuring your event goes smoothly and without any issues. The safety and security of your staff and guests will always be paramount and to assist you, Silverseal has provided a few event security tips to consider when planning your next occasion.

Covid-19 Proof of Vaccination & Fever Screening

Security guard scanning guest's forehead for his temperature

In certain states, venues are required, by law, to confirm proof of Covid-19 vaccination prior to entry. Failure to ask for proof of vaccination can result in fines of up to $5,000.00 for venues, restaurants, and businesses. Make sure you are up to date with the latest CDC guidelines surrounding Covid-19 proof of vaccination here.

Fever screening is an additional safety measure that businesses can undertake to limit the exposure of Covid-19 to all staff and guests. Silverseal has thermal Covid-19 “fever screening” technology available that can instantly screen the temperature of employees & guests entering & exiting the event, as well as non-invasive multi-screening to screen 100 people per minute. Having such a plan to combat Covid-19 exposure can provide great peace of mind to your staff and guests, which can lead to more events in the future for your venue.

With Covid-19 protocols varying from state to state, Silverseal can assist with enforcing local government procedures regarding proof of vaccination and onsite testing, as well.

Access Control

View of a security guard's head from the back; he is wearing an earpiece.

Access control is a crucial component of event security. It’s imperative that a dedicated team of security professionals continuously monitors points of entry in and out of the venue. They should be present for the entirety of the event and not tasked with extra duties, additional security should monitor guests and what’s happening inside the venue. In order to validate entry, you may wish to employ technological solutions such as scanning QR codes, pass badges or electronic tickets. To maintain a professional concierge posture, interact with the attendees and conduct validation trouble shooting additional staff should be appointed to support this function. Sufficient access control limits threats outside and keeps all guests safe inside. To accommodate the total amount of guests at your event, it’s suggested to have at least 1 security guard per 100 guests.

Keep in mind the political and social status of your guests, as well. Are they celebrities? Politicians? Prominent executives? Do your due diligence, and ensure you have the proper security team in place to minimize threats and keep all your guests safe. Also, consider executive protection for VIP guests in their travels to & from the event. It is not unusual for high profile attendees to request security details prior to the event and attend with their own security staff.

Incident Reports

Incident Report Form and Pen

In the case there is an accident, altercation, or emergency during your private event, security must be ready to first, intervene and diffuse the situation. Once the safety of all guests & staff is ensured, security is responsible for preparing an incident report.

In the incident report, record all the eyewitness facts surrounding the situation, and be as accurate and concise as possible. Include a clear Who, What, When, Where, and Why. If the police or EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) were involved, take note of who responded and record his/her badge numbers. Have a clear and concise incident report prepared as soon as possible. Organizations are left extremely vulnerable if they cannot provide accurate accounts of events retrospectively in support of legal investigations.

Special Event Security Through Silverseal

If you’re planning a private event this holiday season, Silverseal stands ready to provide professional, special event security to protect you, your staff, guests, and assets. Our mission is to provide our clients with unrivaled services — no matter the size or location of the event. We have an outstanding track record of delivering exemplary event security solutions, ensuring your peace of mind by rising to any challenge.

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