Reasons You Need a Security Operations Center 

When designing your company’s security, centralized solutions and streamlined practices should be your top priorities. A security operations center (SOC) centralizes essential security processes, so your organization has comprehensive protection and threat detection response measures in place at all times. Whether you want to secure a particular network, location, building, or team of people, SOCs offer unmatched intelligence. 

Implementing a SOC is only the first step. You also need capable people to use security technology and develop plans for maximum security and business success. Outsourcing your security center operators will likely help you maximize your security potential and business profits. 

The Benefits of Having a Security Operations Center

Security operations centers, also called security control centers, are a technologically advanced way to increase organizational protection against physical and virtual attacks. The people working inside this center identify, analyze, and respond to threats so your business and information stay safe.

The benefits of security operations centers include:

1. Constant Protection

Effective operations centers run all day, every day, even when the rest of your business operations take a break. This continuous monitoring helps ensure your security team catches the first signs of suspicious activity at any time of day and stops minor issues before they escalate.

2. Rapid Response

When your security team constantly monitors for threats, they can catch issues as soon as they arise. From there, they can determine an issue’s severity, eliminate it, and quickly take care of any remaining effects.

3. Cost Savings

Quick response times decrease the potential costs a security breach can cause. When attackers have less time to spend in your systems or buildings, they can cause less damage. Your SOC team can also help your business minimize downtime during an attack, helping you prevent further losses.

4. Threat Prevention

SOCs go further than simply detecting threats. By conducting consistent analysis and updates, your SOC team can learn how threats work and prevent them from happening in the first place. With increased visibility and control over all your organization’s systems, your organization can stay ahead of the latest issues.

5. Security Integration

A full-scale SOC can merge with the security systems your organization already uses, giving you increased protection. This collaborative approach offers existing departments refined information and responsibilities, so everyone knows how to handle an emergency and when to let the SOC take charge.

6. Improved Business Reputation

Clients, customers, and other businesses feel most comfortable entering professional partnerships where they know their information, products, and people will stay safe. SOCs position your company as a secure organization that prioritizes security for all. Your employees will also feel better about completing day-to-day operations, knowing an entire team is ready to help them with potential security needs.

Why Outsourcing Your SOC Saves You Money

Creating an internal SOC can increase your company’s overhead costs. However, when you hire a complete outside team from a trusted security organization, you will not need to spend additional funds on company-specific security. You will also invest in effective security measures without added costs for items like training and technology.

State-of-the-art technology also gives you a maximum return on your investment. The most advanced software solutions on the market help your company stay as safe as possible from intrusion, theft, and vandalism, all expertly used and maintained by the professionals you hire. This technology also helps your SOC gain valuable information about your business so they can improve their operations in the future.

Why Outsourcing Your SOC Saves You Money

Having a dedicated group of people working for your security operations center also minimizes confusion and duplicated efforts. When employees recognize your outsourced SOC team as competent security providers, company operations become more streamlined. Instead of multiple departments striving to address the same incidents, all employees will allow the SOC team to handle issues and delegate tasks.

Other benefits of outsourcing your security team include:

  • Expert security operations: When you hire professional security operators, you pay for top-quality industry expertise. These teams are professionally trained, with high-level industry experience, and consist of every position a well-rounded security detail needs. Each team member brings different yet crucial skill sets, and they are all knowledgeable in areas of security your own employees may lack experience in.
  • Collaboration: Outsourcing an entire SOC team ensures you will receive top services from people who know how to work together effectively toward a common goal. A professional team can also share insights with management and educate employees on threat prevention safety, so everyone has quality information they can use to work safely.
  • Compliance: When you hire a professional SOC team, you can be confident they will have the knowledge and skills to implement practices that comply with all necessary security regulations.
  • Global scope: In-house security teams may not have the capacity to monitor large-scale issues. When you outsource SOC operators, your company gains access to an extensive global network, which experts monitor and evaluate 24/7. High-level teams can also narrow their focuses to track individuals and specific company access points, giving you the most valuable perspectives at all levels.
  • Scalability: As your company grows and changes, an equally flexible SOC is crucial for continued security. Hiring security experts to monitor organizational changes ensures safety measures meet your needs as your business expands. External service providers are well-versed in scalable solutions and can provide effective growth plans as they get to know your company and monitor its trajectory.

When you outsource your SOC team through Silverseal, you receive all these benefits and more. Silverseal provides all the technology you need to stay safe, such as hardware, alarms, cameras, access control systems, and closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), as well as the operational expertise to use these tools to their fullest potential. The security experts are high performers in their field, giving you daily peace of mind and active protection you can trust.

Silverseal security centers also give you updated information about various potential issues, such as inclement weather, fires, transportation delays, utility disruptions, and security incidents. Real-time reporting and intelligence analysis create excellent safety measures and help your organization stay on track for success.

Learn More About Silverseal's Expert Security Services

Learn More About Silverseal’s Expert Security Services

Security operations centers are the best way to keep your company’s information, buildings, and people as safe as possible 24/7. With our threat protection and prevention skills and the best technology in the field, your business will benefit from organized, effective security leadership for all stages of your company.

Silverseal’s security operations experts are the best addition to your company’s security plan. When you partner with us, you will receive multifaceted, custom security software based on your business’s specific needs. We have extensive experience setting up and maintaining security operations centers and will be with you every step of the way, so you can spend more time doing what your business does best.

Contact us online today for a custom quote or to learn more about our security intelligence services.