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Benefits of Outsourcing your Security Services

Security is essential for business. You want your assets, your property, and your employees to be safe during any situation. To accomplish this, you may need comprehensive security services. Do you have the resources to hire and train an in-house security team? There may be a better option.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Security Services

Silverseal Proudly Offers a Full Suite of Security Services for Hospitals

Emergency healthcare facilities are sensitive areas that require the best security measures and personnel.  See how Silverseal approaches hospital security and what we can do to ensure that everyone from doctors and staff to patients and visitors remains safe.

Silverseal’s Success in Retail Distribution Security

Whether you’re a national or regional chain or an independent retailer, Silverseal is uniquely positioned to meet your needs.  Read more about Silverseal’s recent success in loss prevention and how we can help your company solve, prevent, and counter internal and external thefts.

Silverseal’s Military Reservists Combat COVID-19

Silverseal is committed to its Reservists and takes pride in their achievements.  In this newsletter, Captain Andrew Borwick and Private Ollie Woods perform honorable and necessary duties to support the public against Covid-19 in the United Kingdom.